20 American dollars Prop Money Pirate Chest


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  • You can buy prop money pack 20 American dollars includes 80 double-sided banknotes and money band just as pictured.
  • You will get exactly what you see in the picture. We do not provide and print illegal notes.
  • You can get only those props you see on our website. The offers of printing illegal products will be sent to spam and law enforcement.
  • You can buy Pirate Chest full 20 American props. The Chest has a lock and a key. Also the Pirate Chest includes 100 stacks of prop money bills.
  • You can use realistic prop money Pirate Chest for motion picture, pranks and parties.
  • Prop money bills you see here are the closest copy you can find. We do change every detail, so you can be sure the notes are 100% legal worldwide.
  • Use the fake American dollars for music clips, YouTube videos, magic tricks, poker games and much more. Also, you can use it for teaching kids of some math skills and money exchanging.
  • Fake 20 American dollars banknotes are made of high-quality paper. The motion picture money is legal worldwide.
  • We use Japanese professional printing machine Akiyama Jprint 40. You can buy fake money 20 American dollars on our website, shipping of the order is carried out in any country and it is FREE. You can quickly and safely proceed with PayPal, Credit Card, BitCoin or Ethereum.

Please, look through all the pictures to be sure that quality meets all your requirements and expectations.
The products look can be changed due to the transportation.
You can find the exact dimensions of the props on “Additional information”

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs


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