1000 AED prop money

£ 6.6 £ 5.8



You can order 1000 dirhams fake banknotes on our website.
Each pack of prop money is wrapped in a ribbon of different colors.
The colors and dimensions of the fake banknotes are almost the same as the real ones (but they have some differences according to the laws). One pack contains 80 bills. Fake 1000 Arabian dirhams banknotes are made of high-quality paper. We use commercial printer for offset double-sided printing of the banknotes. You can buy fake money 1000 dirhams on our website, shipping of the order is carried out in any country and it is FREE. You can quickly and safely proceed with PayPal or your Credit card.
Please note that you get exactly what you see in the pictures.
You can find the exact dimensions of the note on “Additional information”

Additional information

Dimensions 6 × 2.5 in