Dead city with living children

Sometimes I understand that money in the city budget may simply not be on all sorts of little things. But is sports, the development of sports among children, these are “all sorts of little things”? In small cities of Russia (not only Russia for sure) there is not only basketball courts, but even basketball baskets and good coverage. Arriving in a small town, talking with local residents, I saw only broken asphalt, old buildings, terrible landscapes, but what I am always ready to see is the smiles of children. I try to donate part of the money I earned to charity, also do not forget that 50% of the sales of all products go to charity.

International Postal Service Day

We often use the mail post service but just a little of us know that the Postal Service stuff has their own day. The FunnyMoneyUSA is an international company and to send our parcels, we always use the mail post. This is really hard to remember every parcel and its owner. This is complicated to track the orders and send them to the right recipient. So, I thank a lot for what the postal service stuff do.

All children deserve to have a holiday

I am often offered to make investments in some projects, but for the past 15 years I have been investing part of my money in charity. A tear runs down my cheek when I understand that a children’s holiday cannot be held because there is no money in the school budget. Once they told me that the children were preparing for the holiday of Ivan Kupala for 3 weeks, but they still could not celebrate it because there was no money for gifts and costumes. What have we done? We bought gifts, costumes, gave speakers and microphones to the school and what is more important is that we gave joy to children.

Memory stone

A few months ago, we donated part of the money to the city to erect a monument to the founders of the factory, which for many years provided residents with work. The Demini brothers not just became the founders of the factory, but it was they who founded the city of Khorlovo, where our printing house is now located. Today, I cut a red ribbon, after which we embraced a sense of pride. I am happy to keep the memory of people who deserve to be remembered.

Children are our future

Children are an important part of many people’s lives, but sports are just as important. My team of employees and I try to support sports clubs, schools and children’s educational centers with money, equipment, clothes, school supplies. It doesn’t always work out, but we try our best. We hope to set the same example for future generations.

Gratitude is the highest reward

Everytime when somebody says me “Thank you” for the work done, help or participation in something, I feel better. I would like people to appreciate this more, and I will try to do everything to change my life for the better. I wish one day I will see when the gratitude but not money, houses and expensive cars will be the highest award. A few days ago I’ve got a diploma “Worthy Citizen” by the City Administration Representative. I was feeling really proud for what I do. The Charity participation makes you the real worthy citizen. That’s how we do!



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